It’s the first half of the year 2020. The coronavirus pandemic broke out and country leaders imposed curfew. Everyone is sitting at home, the virus is circulating in the streets. Will you be able to get to the lab safely and develop the vaccine together?


The goal of the players is to get around the field with all four of their pieces ahead of the virus and after that enter the lab throught the bridges leading to it. Players in different roles help each other toward the entrance, avoiding infection.


There are 4-4 pieces in each player’s home quarantine (yellow, blue, green areas) and 4 virus pieces in the focuse (red area).

The virus always starts and is followed by players in a clockwise direction.


  • There can be only one piece on a field
  • If pieces of different colors move to the same field without wearing a mask, they violate the rules of social distancing, as they don’t live in the same household. This is when they both go home to their own home quarantine
  • If pieces of the same color move to the same field, the stepper crosses the other (they live in one household, so they don’t violate the distance)
  • A sick person makes the other sick if they move to the same field (unless one of them wears a mask)
  • The mask protects the wearer and others from infection
  • If the mask is infected from the outside (the wearer encounters a virus or a sick person), it wears out immediately, but it doesn’t occur infection
  • If a virus and a person are on the same field, the person will be infected (unless there is a mask on it) and the virus will return to the focuse
  • If a sick, unmasked person enters a field where there is a virus, the virus moves forward
  • If a sick person without a mask moves on, he/she leaves a virus in the field from which he/she moved from
  • There is no transmission of infection in a field where there is a hand sanitizer
  • If the virus enters a field where there is a hand sanitizer, it is permanently destroyed, so it won’t go back to the focuse


A player rolls at the beginning of the round and then moves with his/her piece on the board according to the roll. The player can only get off the field after a 6 roll.

Roll 6

A player either moves with his/her own piece or performs actions, or even roll again.
Actions can be:

Exit home quarantine

A player steps on the exit point of his/her own color and wears a mask when exiting.


A player can heal any sick player.


A player can give a mask to any player. The mask wears out after two laps.

Placement of hand sanitizer

A player can place a hand sanitizer on any field on which he/she stands with his/her own piece. The hand sanitizer can be used twice and its content changes with each step

Free 6 roll

If a player doesn’t have a piece outside to move with, the value of the counter in his/her own building will decrease. If it reaches zero, the player automatically rolls 6.


Once a player has entered the lab with all four of his/her pieces, he/she can now help the others with half of his own rolls. With a roll of 6, he/she can still heal, give a mask, and exit another player.


If a player doesn’t want to help, he/she can also pass.

Special roles

At the beginning of the game, players choose a color and a role that can be freely paired.

Bike courier

During a pandemic, we can move around the city much faster by bike compared to walking, but much safer compared to public transport, so the bike courier can re-throw even after a 5 roll.


Everyone can sew a mask for themselves at home, but a seamstress still knows better, so the FFP3 masks she sews last up to 3 laps, whether she gives it to herself or someone else.

Social Worker

The profession of a social worker is to support others, which she does better than anyone, so she can help other players even if she has only entered the lab with 3 pieces (she can’t pass yet). This ability can be very useful in the end of the game.

Virus movement

To plan the steps together, it is important to know the rules of the movement of the virus’s, which follow the following order:

  • If it’s possible, it’ll definitely infect. With multiple options, the backmost virus in line will infect
  • If it rolls 6, if there is a virus in the focuse, it will exit and will re-throw.
  • If there is a player between the viruses, the virus behind the backmost player will move
  • If there is no player between the viruses, the very first virus will move

End of the game

Humanity loses when a virus, or a sick person enters the lab, or the virus multiplies in a total of 12 individuals (in the field and in the focuse in total).

Humanity wins if the players manage to get into the lab with every piece, or all the viruses are destroyed and there are no infected people.